Everything You Need to Know About Propellers

Choosing the right propeller for your boat can be one of the most important choices a new boat owner makes. Performance Marine stocks many different and distinct propellers for outboard and sterndrive engines. We supply propellers range from the simplest plastic propellers for electric trolling motors to the blueprinted, custom-tuned Hi-Performance/Racing propellers. Each propeller is designed to maximize the performance return available from a specific engine or group of engines. Because propellers are vital to engine performance, Mercury Marine manufactures over 500 different and distinct Mercury Propellers for Mercury Outboards and MerCruiser Sterndrives.

In determining boat performance, propellers are second in importance only to the power available from the engine itself. Without the propeller’s thrust, nothing happens. Your boat’s propeller affects every phase of performance-handling, riding, comfort, speed, acceleration, engine life, fuel economy and safety.

Like tires on a car, the propeller conducts the power from the engine to the "road." Your propeller is the primary connection between your engine and the water. Which propeller or propellers you select to make that connection is critical to achieving optimum boat performance.

So if you have questions or need assistance in propeller selection, contact Performance Marine and we will guide you to get that perfect propeller for your boat.

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