600 SCI


  • HORSEPOWER    600 (447 kW)
  • FULL THROTTLE RPM RANGE    4800-5200
  • BORE (IN/MM)    4.47/113
  • STROKE (IN/MM)    4.00/102
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The 600 SCi was the first Mercury Racing sterndrive engine package certified for sale in the European Union (EU). The popular engine, packed with Mercury Racing exclusive components, meets the emissions requirements as set forth in the EU Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). The certification expands the availability of the 600 SCi sterndrive engine package to all countries that fall under the EU’s RCD. The 600 SCi complies with EPA emissions requirements. CARB (California Air Resources Board) emissions compliant models are available upon special request.

  • Active torque management via an electronic boost bypass control valve ensures consistent 600 horsepower in a variety of conditions and environments.
  • New power steering reservoir provides higher volume and less flow resistance for multi-engine installations.
  • Larger 5/8 ID oil lines increase oil flow through the filter & cooler for enhanced engine protection.
  • “Cool collar” Sweeper Headers feature a new alloy for enhanced saltwater corrosion resistance and durability.
  • The intercooler is made of copper-nickel alloy called “CuproNickel” for excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Lysholm 3.3 Liter screw type supercharger featuring Mercury Racing’s front drive housing.
  • Mercury PCM microprocessor optimizes fuel and spark timing for each cylinder independently for enhanced engine running quality.
  • SmartCraft Engine Guardian continually monitors engine conditions to protect against potential damage
  • Knock control – engine monitors for knock continuously
  • Piston design enhances fuel economy.
  • One coil per cylinder for ultimate in engine ignition management
  • Closed cooling system
  • To improve packaging and reduce fuel connections, a custom billet housing was created to accommodate the fuel pressure regulator and water separating fuel filter.
  • Custom designed high flow throttle body features twin 2.9 inch throttles and is integral to the boost bypass loop.
  • Features active torque management via PCM’s electronic boost bypass control valve.
  • Higher fuel pressure demands are met with a new electric fuel pump. The engine is also equipped with fuel cooling and a mechanical pump to combat vapor lock.
  • Custom Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads designed exclusively for Mercury Racing for enhanced torque and overall performance
  • New induction alloy Micro Alloy crankshaft features larger journal radii for enhanced strength and durability.
  • New connecting rods are longer and feature a floating wrist pin.
  • SmartCraft PCM microprocessor
  • 14-pin Deutsch connector engine harness. Ignition and SmartCraft wiring are included in one connector.
  • Available in an array of custom color options in addition to the standard Mercury Racing blue metallic.
  • Suitable with: Catamaran Sport/Poker Runner, Vee-Bottom Sport/Poker Runner

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Full Product Specs

  • HORSEPOWER    600 (447 kW)
  • FULL THROTTLE RPM RANGE    4800-5200
  • BORE (IN/MM)    4.47/113
  • STROKE (IN/MM)    4.00/102
  • ALTERNATOR (AMP/WATT)   90/1269
  • IGNITION TYPE   PCM Distributorless
  • FUEL SYSTEM    Sequential Fuel Injection
  • FUEL REQUIREMENTS    87 Posted Pump Octane (R+M/2), (91 RON) International
  • TRANSMISSION   Mercury Racing Dry-Sump
  • DRIVE UNIT   Bravo One XR, Bravo One XR Sport, Bravo One XR Sport Master, (Std. or Short), (Integrated Transom System Optional)
  • GEAR RATIO   1.35:1, 1.50:1
  • LENGTH (IN/MM)   35.7/907 (Transom mount to front of engine)
  • WIDTH (IN/MM)   33/838
  • HEIGHT (IN/MM)   27.2/691
  • WEIGHT (LBS/KG)   1267/575
  • WARRANTY   1-Year Limited for Recreational Boating