8.2L MAG V8 Sterndrive (Copy)


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The big-block, big-displacement V-8 that believes going fast through the water shouldn’t mean going fast through the fuel. No trade-ofs. Ever again. Starts with Multi-Port Fuel Injection (MPI), a system that puts every cubic inch, every drop of fuel to work, fully applied to driving the vessel. No wasted efort, no wasted fuel. Don’t waste your weekends on anything less.

  • Big displacement block with a long-runner intake manifold forces more air for greater torque and acceleration. Superior performance with lower fuel consumption.
  •  High-octane performance on lower-octane fuel. 87 optional compatibility.
  • High-performance aluminum cylinder heads boost mid-range acceleration.
  • Optional Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) for extra-smooth shifting and throttle response. No lag, no “clunks.”
  • Multi-layer corrosion protection for unmatched fresh or saltwater durability

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380 MAG, 430 MAG H.O.