1550 QC4V


  • RATED POWER AT TRANSMISSION    1550/1350 (1156/1007 kW)
  • FULL THROTTLE RPM RANGE     6200-6800 (1550 HP) / 6000-6500 (1350 HP)
  • BORE (IN/MM)    4.57/116
  • STROKE (IN/MM)    4.21/107




The all-new 1550 dual calibration sterndrive features an advanced control system which enables the operator to switch engine power level via an electronic key fob. The Race key fob turns the engine into a pure bred race machine – pumping out one thousand five hundred and fifty horsepower on 112 AKI race fuel. The Pleasure key fob is selected when a more leisure ride is in order, creating 1350 h.p. on 91 octane (98 RON) fuel. Both fuel calibrations provide maximum torque and efficiency and are designed to optimize the engine performance at each power level.

  • At 1550 hp, this is the fastest, most powerful consumer engine Mercury Racing has ever introduced
  • Turbo-compressor induction delivers a punch from holeshot to peak rev range, while pulse-timed exhaust tuning keeps turbos spooled, eliminating lag altogether
  • Monster, mesa-shaped torque curve ensures unwavering power through entirety of runtime by controlling boost and regulating torque at high engine outputs
  • Quad cam, four-valve, port fuel injection, and dry-sump efficiency deliver massive amounts of power with 9-liter displacement, matching high-performance marine propulsion with luxury-car-like drivability
  • 6800 RPM redline adrenalizes boat and boater alike
  • 35% stronger driveline and tough new CNC propellers allow engine to endure in both treacherous and ideal offshore conditions
  • M8R surface-piercing sterndrive with hydraulic transmission handles high torque and power levels with ease for improved handling and exceptional performance
  • Cylinder heads sport two cam shafts for a more robust valve train and enhanced power
  • 20-30% greater fuel economy rewards boaters with more on-water time than ever before
  • Common rail port injection and four-valve delivery reduces the total amount of fuel pumped and heightens metering accuracy
  • Compliant with EPA emissions requirements, increasing it’s range without worry of stringent laws and regulations
  • Durable NiCom®-coated aluminum cylinder bores improve heat transfer and are one element which enables an increase in overall engine lifespan by up to an unprecedented 100%
  • Charge cooler is made of military-specification alloy so cooler corrosion is an enemy boaters don’t have to fight
  • M8R drive increases power capacity by 35% over our world-champion Six drive, plus comes standard with an active anode for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • One-year factory warranty on 1350 calibration and support from world’s largest marine service dealer network and Mercury Racing’s T.E.A.M. accreditation program provides the best coverage in the industry
  • Suitable for: Catamaran Race, Catamaran Sport/Poker Runner, Sport Cruiser, Vee-Bottom Race, Vee-Bottom Sport/Poker Runner

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Full Product Specs

  • RATED POWER AT TRANSMISSION    1550/1350 (1156/1007 kW)
  • FULL THROTTLE RPM RANGE     6200-6800 (1550 HP) / 6000-6500 (1350 HP)
  • BORE (IN/MM)    4.57/116
  • STROKE (IN/MM)    4.21/107
  • ALTERNATOR (AMP/WATT)    105/1481
  • CONTROLLER     Distributorless
  • FUEL SYSTEM    Sequential Fuel Injection
  • FUEL REQUIREMENTS    112 AKI Required for 1550 Calibration / 91 Octane (98 RON) Minimum for 1350 HP
  • TRANSMISSION    Mercury Racinq Dry-Sump Hydraulic
  • DRIVE UNIT    Dry-sump M8R
  • GEAR RATIO    Application dependent (contact Mercury Racing for additional information)
  • LENGTH (IN/MM)   31/787 (from back of block)
  • WIDTH (IN/MM)    35/889
  • HEIGHT (IN/MM)    29/737 (from crankshaft centerline)
  • WEIGHT (LBS/KG)    1720/782
  • WARRANTY    10 hour warranty at the 1550 power level (at 2000 RPM or above) or 1 year, whichever comes first.